Thursday, November 7, 2013

Round and Round and Back and Forth

Not a lot of excitement around here. Just gradual progress on the Sixareen Cape (nearly ready to start the decreases):

And building the Seedless Shepherd (still working toward the front/back divide):

 ...But look! This thing is so dense and heavy with the cable structure and all, it can almost stand up by itself!

I bought a new circ needle for the Shepherd, Carbonz 40 ".  Franklin Habit calls them "stealth needles."  I needed the 40" length because the 32" was giving me finger cramps, and my liking for carbon fiber needles aside, I thought that this special project deserved special needles, especially if these same ones get the right gauge for a Shearer made with my other yarn. These are the first cf's I've used with the metal, rather than cf tips, and I find that the join between fiber and metal is no problem at all.