Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Dialogue Continues

Notice anything different from yesterday? Like 1.75" less knitting? That's because Melanie and I both goofed. I incorrectly thought the bottom was a hemmed edge. Melanie got the chart wrong. Off to the frog pond!

The bottom edge is in fact a garter stitch pattern not turned under and hemmed. My goof. But Melanie, Melanie, Melanie. Your chart is wrong, wrong, wrong. Take a gander at the swatches and then troll back to my post of November 18 which shows the pattern photo. You will detect there a distinct checkerboard border made with the two main colors. Now check (so to speak) yesterday's photo and see that what I knitted in stocking stitch is not really a checkerboard either. Close, but no cigar. The border is supposed to be a single thickness of garter stitch. Fine. As I said, my boo-boo. But have a squint at your chart A1, Mizz Melanie. Garter stitch, yes--alternate knit and purl rows on the front side. But if you alternate 2-dark-2-light stitches horizontally and alternate dark-light every row vertically, you get the mashed-up muddle in the swatch on the right (and yes, that is the front side and I am carrying the floats at the back). Only if you alternate pairs of rows dark-light will you get the checkerboard effect seen in the pattern photo. And the actual checkerboard you get is really pleasing texture-wise. The switching of the alternate yarns in the purl rows makes a tiny crease between each "square" that makes each one stand out in a little bump.

So that's what's going on the needles now. 2 x 2 color alternation in both dimensions and, I hope, no trips to the frog pond for at least 16 rows!

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