Friday, December 24, 2010


I know, I know.  Long time no post.  What I've been working on has either been not very interesting or secret stuff on contract for Santa Claus.  There will be more to see later, but meanwhile, here's some yarn to look at.

This was going to be for the Claus contract, but the original sock didn't work out so well and Idea 2.0 was in a different gauge that would need to be doubled yarn, necessitating the ordering of another skein and further delay.  Meanwhile, the resemblance of the yarn color to Cheetos struck me, and I had to make a direct comparison.  Unfortunately, weird winter light does tricks even when you go outside in mid-day to try to catch the best that's on offer. The yarn really does match the snacks.  If it's not the winter light bleaching the yarn, then blame the strange day-glo additives coating the Cheetos.

The yarn is Blue Moon midweight Socks That Rock in  Sunstone.  The web site has a better approximation of the color, though no snacks for comparison.

Didja get the title?  It was going to be a sock, but now will be something else.  Cheat-toes? 

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