Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Possums!

That's the friendly greeting used by Dame Edna Everage, Australian superstar.

And the possums she's referring are not the American opossum, but the Australian possum, a marsupial varmint native, as is the Dame, to Australia, but an invasive species introduced to New Zealand that started causing havoc the minute the first one got loose.  In NZ they have no natural enemies, but find the native plants much to their taste.  Eradication attempts had paltry success until the Kiwis found a use for the fur of the wee beasties.  Possum fur yarn!

I've just finished a scarf/shawlette using a possum/merino silk blend, and it's wonderful. Soft, very light, and with a slight fuzzy haze of brown possum fur.  It's cosy and cuddly and warm around the neck like a knit scarf should be.

Pattern is Dolcetto, from KnitCircus. Yarn is Supreme Possum  Merino, a sock-weight blend of possum fur, merino, and a little silk. The golden twinkle you may see if you click and enlarge the photos is a Japanese gold machine embroidery thread that I got at a quilting store and knitted along with the possum et al.  Wish it was a little longer with the same depth, but otherwise it's quite satisfactory, possums.

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