Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blocking Blocks Block Unblocked

Whew! I was all bummed out about all the blocking I had to do, remember? All those stupid little squares to wet, squeeze out and individually pin to the board to the tune of a million pins? No more! I found a short cut. Now, maybe you're smarter or more efficient than I am, and you wouldn't have needed to do it all 7 (seven) times in order to slap yourself upside the head and wonder, "What if I sewed a dozen of them together first, and then blocked that chunk? Would it still come out ok?" Well, YES! It turns out that it does:

 On the left, a block done by blocking squares first, then sewing. On the right, a sewn-together block blocked all at once. (And requiring many, many fewer pins!)

So here we go with a lot more blocks in a lot less time:

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