Friday, July 3, 2015


Y'know what looks kind of ugly on a nice sweater? The back of the zipper.

As Kate Davies demonstrated, the openings on cardigans are much better when ribbon or tape are added to reinforce edges and/or cover them. I've been meaning to take care of this on my Shepherd and Shearer sweaters.

Alas, I don't have access to the fantastic haberdashers of the UK, so I had to beetle on down to the local Joann's to see what I could find. Not a plethora of possibilities, but not bad.

For the Shearer, a leopard grosgrain

And for the Shepherd a really cool white ribbon with a subtle glint of gold, as understated and elegant as the leopard is crazy.

(The gold doesn't show up in the photo; you'll just have to trust me.)

Each of the ribbons suits its sweater and makes it an even better garment and me a prouder knitter.


  1. Love that leopard-skin gross grain ribbon !

  2. I see that you have knitted the ribbing not in moss stitch, did you use the same number of stitches? I hate moss stitch and don't like the finished look on the Shepherd Hoody.

    1. I don't recall what the pattern called for, but the picture shows that I used 5 stitches in the ribbing. One reason I ribbed instead of mossed is that I thought it was a better look with the straight line of the zipper.