Monday, October 5, 2015

Instagran Knitstagram

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I'm not sure how to account for the fact of my blogging less lately. It's not like I'm not knitting. I'm never not knitting. Family responsibilities have lessened. Work schedule is lighter. Let's blame it on Instagram. That way I can also blame it on my family. Or certain family members who made me feel left out because they were seeing pictures of my kid and grandkid that I hadn't because I didn't belong to the cult. And now that I've joined up, I lu-u-u-u-u-uv it. It's fun to have a glimpse of what people I'm close to have seen today. Gives me something to obsessively check on my phone in odd idle moments of the day. Gives me a reason to be grumpy with people I'm close to--"How come nobody 'liked' that picture I put up this morning?"

I'm pretty sure I don't use Instagram in quite the way it was intended. I only "follow" people I actually know. Well, and the Yarn Harlot. I've been a fangirl for so long and actually met her in Anchorage, so I feel like we're buds. A creepy aspect of celebrity, I suppose. People you don't know know you. Could be worse--I'm sure there are bazillions of instagrammers who feel this way about Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga or Benedict Cumberbatch. About that last one--there are at least 50 BC Instagrammers. Prize for the best title? Purple Shirt of Sex.

Now that I'm on Instagram, I notice that knitbloggers I formerly read are posting a whole lot more Instagram and a whole lot less blog. Talking about the Mason-Dixon knitters Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner and designer/cartoonist Franklin Habit. The Harlot keeps on with her blog, as does Kate Davies (see their blog links in the sidebar), but I think that is because social media keeps their independent careers in the knit world viable.

I follow lots of knitters, yes indeed, but very quickly got tired of being an official follower of so many people. My phone was getting cluttered up with pictures that really could wait. So I started bookmarking them instead (in a folder marked Knitstagram) and look in with my computer browser once a week or so. Sorry, Ann and Kay and Franklin and Gudrun and Mary Jane, Stephen, Lucy, Amy, Ysolda, Helene, Julia, yes, and even you, #knittersofinstagram.

Bur fear not, I will continue to blog my knitting, and a sizable post is coming up soon, as some sizable projects are nearly finished and ready to show off and blether about.

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