Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Now with photos (sort of)

My wonderful class at APU, who good-naturedly allow me to try out all kinds of dubious inspirations, have allowed me to use a photo of them to test out the picture possibilities, because who wants to read a blog of just words?

And here is where I need to find Blogger for Dummies, because somehow Blogger takes it into its little head to rotate photos the wrong way round and darned if I can figure out how to make it right. I don't have time to fool around with it much, so I guess I will just have to eliminate pictures like the above rather than ask you to lay your head down sideways in front of the computer to see what I'm talking about. If you know of a for real Blogger for Dummies resource, one that is much more helpful about photos than Blogger's "support" pages, I'd be grateful for the info in the comments.

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