Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where Are They Now? KCBW Day 3/4

Is this Day 3 because it's the third KCBW post? Or Day 4 because it's the 4th day even though I skipped one?

In any case, I am ready for Where Are They Now, because I was planning a post about this before I ever heard of this blog week dealio.  A couple of weeks ago I was in New Mexico on a family visit and also, it turned out, on a visit to some of my knitted creations.  To wit:

A ruana made with a curious fine gauge rayon chenille that I think I got from Cotton CloudsHere it is. Solid and varigated. Beautiful colors.  I was learning to do domino knitting, and based it on, I believe, a poncho design in Hoxbro's book.

AND the Nebraska state sweater, a kit from SWAK.  The perceptive among you will notice that the pattern was changed from a pullover to a cardigan, and that the Go Big Red sleeve was changed because the recipient was not a big football fan.  Yes, the buttons are little ears of corn.

Last of all, a sweater I had completely forgotten,  a cardigan based on the famous Vogue Knitting world map sweater, again, a pullover-to-cardigan conversion.  100% silk yarn dyed blue and green so as to remove country and continent borders and make it a planet, not a map.

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