Friday, March 16, 2012

Snow: A Digression

Usually I try to stick to my knitting on this blog. Literally. The topic is limited to my knitting. But lately the frisky squeals of delight from Outside (as the Lower 48 is known in Alaska) about how early spring is this year and the blossoms of this and that are coming/peaking/over already are making me grind my teeth just a little. Although it's lovely for you Outsiders, I'm sure. Either that or it's the harbinger of doom from global warming. Whatever.

Up here is where all the snow went this year instead of spreading itself over the rest of the continent. Record  amounts of it. Maybe even all-time record amounts. And it's going to take a while for all of this stuff to melt. (And boy, will we have a mess when it does!)

So I went outside with my camera today, Friday, March 16, 2012, to document a little of what it looks like around my house.
Here's what the outside of the house looks like--several feet of snow on the roof and the snow just laying around in the yard about 4 ft. deep.
Out in back, you'd have to do some major shoveling to get to and open the door of the shed, what the grandson calls "the moose house." And by the look of it there's going to be an avalanche off the left side of the roof pretty soon. Thank goodness we, for this very reason, only keep stuff in there that we need in the summer.
And here's the woodpile. I climbed up on some snow to shoot down into the pit it has made for itself. We don't need the wood for heat, so it hasn't been very motivating to dig my way out there and sled some back to the house. Besides, the splitter is in the moose house.

But snow or no snow, the light is coming back, and at this time of year comes charmingly in the west windows in the afternoon and lights up the colored glass.
It will just have to do for color until the flowers get here.

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