Friday, March 2, 2012

Sunny Boy

The sun/star/giant yellow doily baby blanket is done and ready to come down from blocking. In spite of how the points are hemmed per instructions to keep from curling, they still curl. Nothing to be done about it, I'm afraid. A little attention with a steam iron may temporarily tame them, but they'll be back to the curl soon after. In spite of that detail, I think this is pretty cool, don't you?

And to go along with it, I have employed the Cheat-Toes yarn (it's going for toes after all!) for my standard booties and a hat. Said chapeau is a trial of the Breast Hat pattern in monochrome and a much finer yarn than the DK of the original.  Because it's top-down, it's very adaptable to all manner of sizes and yarns to top the crania of babes (and adults) who are not as tickled by the boobular color scheme as those of us with skewed senses of humor and more than a little tendency to breastfeeding evangelism. No worries--there will be actual breast hats eventually. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, bright baby things certainly cheer up the Alaskan winter gloom!

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