Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here Comes the Son

A sudden population explosion in the Ptarmigan psocial pscircle. Time to put down the socks and do some fast & furious baby knitting!

This object, which looks like a somewhat demented dreamcatcher, is actually the start of a pretty cool baby blanket, Spiral Star, as it is known in the KnitCircus Summer 2011 pattern wodge I downloaded last May. Curious thing, though. In my search for a link to lead you to it, I can't find it in the KnitCircus issue, but it is "coming soon" on Daniel Yuhas's own site, where it is called Starflower, and you can also find other amazing things he's conjured up.  If it were earlier in the pregnancy involved, I would be seriously tempted by the Anemone blanket. it looks like something a baby would have hours of fun with, but this baby is building fast--I don't have time for tentacles.

This is an Arizona baby, so, cotton. Knitpicks CotLin in Canary, just about as yellow as yellow comes for a newborn son's bright yellow sun!

For my optometrist's bun-in-the-oven, the black-and-white high-contrast vision-developing booties. and for grandnephew Leo, Proper British Booties.

Slow down, young mamas! I'm knitting as fast as I can!

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