Monday, September 24, 2012

Easy Bein' Cheesy

Sometimes it seems like there's more than one reason it's called fireweed.

And there's more than one way for a rose plant to be rosy.

It's autumn all over the place, and bootie knitting continues apace. Remember the Cheat-toes booties? Well, we now have a new flavor of cheese. Once I got these guys knitted up, I couldn't help noticing the similarity to blue cheese. See what I mean?

(Actual blue cheese added for comparison.) It's Fortissima sock yarn in #104 blau tweed colorway.

And here's another pair in a fun color. A cheese-free color.
(Actual comics and Pollock added for comparison.) The yarn was supposed to be for a Knit Purl sock club creation in a colorway inspired by the Jackson Pollock painting Image Number 8. But I wasn't especially excited by the pattern intended for it, and totally tickled to death by the way it looks in booties. And the more I looked at the yarn, the less I thought of Jackson Pollock and the more I thought of the way papier mache looks when made out of the comics section of the Sunday paper. What do you think?

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